Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick what goes into my box each week?

     No.  Easy Bean Farm packs over 250 boxes of produce each week and it would be impossible to customize that many boxes and get them delivered to the right people.  Our boxes tend to have 8-18 different types of produce in them each week so, even if there are one or two things you "think" you don't like, you should find PLENTY to please your palette.  

Will you reimburse members for shares they miss?

  No.  In the CSA model, to limit the amount of produce that is wasted each week, and keep our costs down, we only plant for a very limited number of people.  Since we cannot easily find a new customer for your box mid-way through the season, once you have paid for your share, it is yours.  If you cannot pick up your share we recommend that you either find a friend to retrieve your box OR you can donate it to an area foodshelf.