Summer Vegetables Share 2019

Store Summer Vegetables Share 2019

Easy Bean Farm's Summer Share consists of approximately 17 weeks of a variety of fresh vegetables delivered to many convenient drop off locations in Western MN, Willmar, and the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

This share is no longer available.

For the last 22 summers Easy Bean Farm's Community Supported Agriculture Program has supplied hundreds of Families in both Western MN and the Twin Cities Metro area with a wide array of fresh vegetables from our fields. The purchase of a summer CSA share gets you around 17 weeks of vegetables as they come into season. A typical box has between 8 and 14 different items in it ranging from a myriad of greens in the early spring to heavy boxes of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and summer squash in midsummer. As we turn towards fall you will find potatoes, leeks, onions, winter squash and brussel sprouts. Purchasing a CSA share is a commitment to sharing a little of the risk of farming organically and, in return, we do our best to give you a good return on that investment. In addition to giving us the resources to take better care of these 120 acres of woodland, prairie, river and fields, it allows us to focus on growing LOTS of vegetables. In a good year you might get as much as a 40% increase on the value of your share (assuming you buy local and organic at a co-op). While we do our best to make each season as bountiful and diverse as possible, we have a limited control over the climactic conditions that can affect our various crops and each year is different. Our delivery season typically starts in mid-June and runs into October. In addition to the weekly delivery of vegetables to many convenient locations around MN, we also provide a weekly newsletter with ideas for your vegetables and information about what is happening on the farm.